5 Amazing Things In Prince of Wales Museum! 

Recently I visited Prince of Wales Museum in Mumbai. Renamed as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya. If you are interested to know more details about this musuem check it on wikipedia.

So quickly let me tell you about things that amazed me the most!!!

1. Apron and Cap Made Out Of Human Bones.

In 18-19th Century, one of tibetian tribe used to wear these aprons and caps for performing some spiritual acts. Lolz.. I found this spooky and equally amazing.

2. Inscribed Swords

I am not sure which century they belonged to. But such carvings on a piece of metal used for war… I totally loved them. Wish I could own it!!!

3. Howdah

When I looked at it from far. It looked like a bathtub to me.. But going closer i saw these pictures of elephants and understood that this is actually called Howdah. It was saddled on the back of an elephant and the royals used to ride in it.

4. ThighBone Trumpet

Tibetians used this special trumpet made out of human’s thighbone in the 19th century. Though it was not used in festivals. They used it for exorcism procedures. As I look at this piece of art I wonder how many spirits it must have invoked!!! And also whose thigh did this bone really belong to…

5. Personal Armor Of Emperor Akbar

I was amazed to witness the personal armor which belonged to emperor Akbar in the year 1581CE. I really wanted to touch and feel the armor wore by the Mughal Emperor. How many wars must this armor have witnessed!!

Do you like visiting museums? Whicb of these 5 things interested you the most? Would love to hear from you….



  1. Wow, what a trip! The thigh bone trumpet and the apron fascinated me the most! The use of human parts to invoke the spiritual world interests me! I’ve heard of variety other methods to contact the spiritual world, but this is strange!

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