Bad Dinner Experience Turned Memorable…

Ok we had yesterday night ordered some really cheap food from Zomato.. Weren’t expecting the best of quality but atleast something edible..

It was supposed to be an experiment but it turned into bad experience..

We had ordered veg.schezwan noodles, chicken fried rice with gravy, veg. Hot and sour soup, Chicken soup, 2 bheja fry, chicken lolypop, mutton gravy and 8 tandoori rotis.. All of it billed up to only Rs.619/-. Soo if you stay in mumbai you know this is real cheap food. But Zomato had its offers!!!

Now I am a vegetarian so I did not have much options.. The noodles were stinky and rotten and the soup had no taste. The non veg food we ordered was stale yet was atleast edible..

I was vomiting and my husband suffered from Diarrhoea post dinner. Lolz.. Our cheap dinner program took toll on our health…

Now I was still left hungry but for some reason I decided to carry on with my night routine. Our room is upstairs and my hubby was downstairs in the living area with family. I went downstairs and to my surprise hubby was in the kitchen kneading dough making rotis for me. He ordered my favorite dry okra and served it to me with rotis.

These may not be the perfect rotis.But since my hubby made them they are the best for me.

These are the small moments I would love to cherish for life. My husband realised I was hungry and cooked for me.. Alhamdulilah..There is nothing more I could ask ALLAH for!!!

Would love to hear from you? Do share you experiences…



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