Best Virtual Gift I Ever Received!!!

Today this girl commented on my blog post and said she has tagged me in some white elephant post. I had no clue that I was in for the best surprise ever…

White Elephant Tag is a post in which you tag bloggers and gift them something. Check it out here.

Thank You So Much Theresa. Please Visit Her Blog And Show Lots Of Love.

Ok this is what I found as my virtual gift

Omg!!! So Thoughful. She Kept In Mind the loss I recently suffered and surprised me with a gift that would compensate my sorrow. No thank you would have been sufficient.

Hence, a special post dedicated to a special person who surprised me with something so thoughtful and touching!!

Have You Come Across Such Lovely Souls In The Blogging World. Please Share Your Experiences In The Comment Section. Would Love To Know More Of Such Beautiful People Who Exist In This World….



  1. That’s really sweet! I’m also sorry about your cat 😦 I think part of the reason why I love blogging so much is because of the cool people I’ve become friends with from around the world. Would not have met them otherwise!

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