Bageera is no more!!!

I had recently shared a meet my cats post and had introduced Bageera in it.

Sadly He developed tumor on his neck and though he was on his medications had problem breathing properly. I wish he could have stayed for a longer time with me. My heart is pounding and im feeling completely shattered. I will miss him for the rest of my life..

Dear Bageera,

My Bagu, I want you to know mamma really loves you. I tried all I could to ease your pain but felt completely helpless as you passed away in front of my eyes.I want to thank you for allowing me to cuddle you though you were always my touch me not baby. Every moment with you has been special and now I have nobody to protect chicken from. I love you Bagu and I know you loved me back… Im sorry if i have ever not given you anything you truly wanted. Mamma is short of words and full of tears now. Goodbye My Son.



His Last picture.



  1. I really loved that post of yours with ur pets… so sorry to hear that he is no more… I lost my dog many years ago… he was in so much pain & the doctors could not do anything… we had to just watch him suffer… i was sooo shattered.. I could not give him enough love & happiness in his last few days… it’s really painful… but I have all the good memories I made with him… so it keeps me going….may Bageera’s soul rest in peace…

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  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my Miss Kitty 3 years ago. Sadly, she developed a blood issue that they could not cure and we had to say our last goodbyes to her. It is very difficult. I wish you and your family many blessing as you navigate through this very sad time.

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