Meet My Cats!!!

Ok I got so much love from all of you in such little time. Thank you all.

I wanted to give you all a peep into my life, what could be better than introducing my cats. So here meet my fur babies….


Hello everybody I am ROMEO….

I love my mamma the most, so as her boy I feel its my duty to guard her.

So I go around with her everywhere even in the bathroom, if she forgets taking me inside i bang the door and keep meowing till she allows me in.

I love to drink water directly from the tap. Mamma doesnt let me. So I wait for Daddy and then blackmail him by making cute faces and purring. So daddy is only to do my work rest I love my mamma very much…..


Hi Im Thotu.. Intially i was named chotu but daddy kept calling me thotu so mamma changed my name.

The only goal in my life is to prove my mamma that I am better at everything than the rest of my brothers. So when romeo gets on mammas lap and makes cute face, i push him down and make a better face. When mamma calls anybody else I prove to mamma that Im the most obedient by being present on anybody’s name. I strongly believe life is a competition and I am meant to come first….


Hi Im Bageera

Ok let me tell you this very clearly I dont like you. I hate people. They are all low creatures meant to obey me. But the best of all servants is my mamma. But she fails me all the time. I need to alert her that I did potty, I am hungry, shoo away I need to sleep. So I shout at the top of my lungs till she does what I say. Mamma always has to obey me. About the rest I dont care about lowly creatures…


Im Dolly.

I am Daddy’s princess. He is the best. He gives me complete attention when he comes home from work. I make sure none of my stupid brothers come around when I play with daddy. Daddy says Im the most innocent. And I love to make him think like that. I love milk, ice creams, sweets so even though mamma gives me milk I pretend around daddy that I didnt drink milk all day. And he gives me another bowl. I love to piss and shit anywhere in the house because I know mamma will clean. Afterall, what are moms for!!!!

So I hope you loved my babies they are the best, and i treat each of them equally about there opinions differ..

Do you have Pets? What do you think about my babies? Do let me know.. Waiting to hear from you all.



      1. Maintenance, yes, and I was the only one doing everything. Once in 2 weeks cleaning the fish tank or whenever the water turns dirty, feeding on time. Can’t go anywhere on long holidays as no one to hand overπŸ˜’πŸ˜”

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  1. Oh My!!!! I really LOVE pets especially cats.I had many but no one is left now πŸ˜₯
    And then my husband decided not to bring any pet to home,because he was suffered from my emotional ups and downs due to the loss.
    But now my sister has one “Smokey” ,which is so cute and adorable.She can easily be mine but I don’t want to own her (just because of the fear of losing her).

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